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Frequent Questions

We have been asked a tonne of questions over the years. Below are some of the more common questions and requests we have had, but if your question is not answered here please give us a call or send us an email.

Can I buy an Original Sarah C Artwork?
Yes, these are sold and viewed very privately and intimately. Original Sarah C pieces range from their $1000’s to tens of thousands – send us an email.

How should I look after my art
Hang it out of direct sunlight and wipe it over every so often with a damp cloth. We suggest using two points to hang it from. Canvas pieces will “dent” and corrugated iron and gloss panels will scratch – handle your art carefully and wrap it in a soft blanket or bubble wrap if you are moving it around. Be careful of the corners especially.

How do choose the size I should get?
A really good idea to cut or cellotape together sheets of newspaper to the size/s of the piece, then attach that template to the wall. That way you can stand back and visualise the size of the artwork. This works well outside on a fence too.

Can I hang my art outside?
Yes you can if it’s a gloss panel, or corrugated iron piece.

Can you print my picture?
Yes we can print your picture on canvas if you supply us a high resolution file. It will need to be your own work or you will need to produce a licence to reproduce it. We do not offer to print your picture on iron – sorry.

How do I hang my artwork?
If you are hanging an indoor piece like a canvas, we would suggest you use two points of contact. That way the art work will hang evenly. An outdoor piece is the same. Refer to Hanging Your Art

Where is my artwork being made?
We work from a barn on our property in Mangawhai Heads. Occasionally we will have other New Zealand businesses do small aspects of our work but usually everything comes together in Mangawhai Heads.

Where can I see the range of Sarah C artwork?
We have a selection of galleries and gift shops that represent Sarah C Artworks. You can also get a full list of Events we will be taking part in on the Events page of this website. Or if you like us on Facebook or Pinterest or if you subscribe to our newsletter you will be among the first to hear about events, exhibitions and open days. The Sarah C Gallery is in Mangawhai Heads, you can visit this space by appointment. You can send us an email or give us a ring.

What if I change my mind? Do you have an exchange policy?
Usually when you buy the contract is final. You can not return goods and exchange them or get a refund simply because you have changed your mind or your circumstances have changed.

Can Sarah C paint a mural on my fence?
Yes – Sarah C can paint your indoor or outdoor space, you can email us for a quote. You will need to have a theme or scene in mind and a few measurements for us to quote you. A couple of photos of you wall or fence is helpful too.

Sarah C originals are priced accordingly. (In the thousands of dollars!) A cheaper alternative for a large space might be a selection of pieces from the Outdoor Range. Or check out the Mural Panels page to fill a big space like a long fence or the side of a house or shed etc.

I can’t decide which picture to get, can you help?
Yes we provide a “mock-up” service. Send us a photo of the space you want to hang the artwork and we’ll superimpose a Sarah C artwork into your photo. We will need a couple of measurements too, so we can get the proportions correct. Send your photo and artwork choice/s to us for a mock-up.

Do you have any pictures of snails? (Not a common request but the principal is the same – tractors, windmills, stags etc)
Not at the moment but they may come… sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about new artworks.

Will my Sarah C Artwork fade?
Yes eventually it will fade – we suggest hanging your piece in a shady spot for longevity.

How will you send my art?
Firstly it gets wrapped in cellophane or goes into a clear plastic bag. Then we do one or two layers of bubble wrap. Depending on the medium we then use recycled corrugated cardboard. We use couriers to distribute artwork so a physical address where you can receive that artwork is best. We require a signature for all parcels delivered and suggest you unwrap and check the artwork is not damaged before signing for the parcel. The courier will wait for you to do this, they do not mind. If you sign for the artwork and there is damage it may not be valid for insurance.

I have a Gallery and would like to sell Sarah C artwork. How do I go about this?
Fantastic thank you, we are always on the look out for galleries and shops that fit the Sarah C brand. Yes we do have a wholsale list which covers minimum orders and terms of trade etc. Please contact us if you would like to be considered.

I need to buy Corporate Gifts, do you do these?

Yes we supply a range of artworks as Corporate gifts. The Sarah C Art Blocks or Small Outdoor Pieces make fabulous gifts. Or you may want to consider branding your own calendar. See the Corporate Gifts page for more info.

Can I buy a Gift Voucher for my friend?
Absolutely – friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues wil love you for it! Head to our online shop, choose the value to load to the gift card and enter any personalised message and recipient information. We can supply either directly to you or your friend via email, or we can print and send it out in the post or courier.

Where and how do I redeem my Gift Voucher?
You can redeem your Gift Voucher in our online store or just let us know the piece you would like to buy. You may need to add extra money to equal the value of the piece, that’s ok but we cannot give any change on gift vouchers. Please note too that Gift Vouchers expire after 12 months from date of purchase. Gift Vouchers each have their own unique code, you will need to quote this when you contact us with your order. Gift Vouchers are only redeemable via the Sarah C Design website. They may not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Will the rain damage my artwork?
If you have a piece of work from the Outdoor Ranges it will be fine in the rain. This includes, Corrugated Iron, Gloss Panels, Outdoor Canvas. An Indoor Canvas, Artblock or Wooden Artwork will not favour the rain.

Can I hang my art in the bathroom?
Art works from the Outdoor Range are best, these are set up for wet conditions. Canvas and Artblocks have also been ok in the bathroom but it depends how well ventilated your bathroom is for these pieces. You may also want to consider a Splashback to introduce artwork into your bathroom.

Can I use the images from your site?
We would prefer it if you did not! We take this action very seriously and in the past have had to involve our lawyers. All content on this website including Sarah C pictures are protected under the Copyright Act. All content on our website is subject to New Zealand and international copyright and intellectual property laws. This means that you are not authorised to download, modify, transmit, or otherwise use any material from sarahcdesign.co.nz without the consent of Sarah C Design Ltd. New Zealand Law governs any dispute arising from a breach of copyright. Educational purposes are included in this law. We are happy if you buy and enjoy! Thanks.

How long from order to delivery?
Delivery depends on the piece/s you have ordered. The Sarah C range is quite extensive and we do not carry all pieces in every medium in stock. Artworks are made to fill your order.

How much is freight?
Freight around NZ depends on the size of the pieces you’ve chosen and will be shown as you place your order online. International orders do not include freight.

Can you ship overseas?
Yes we do and our international customers have been more than happy. Occasionally we will ship pieces with a freight forwarding company or we will use NZ Post. We recommend using a door to door courier service and your artwork is insured. We quote you the costs of freight on an individual basis and we do not include VAT or customs taxes, if any.

I want a piece displayed on the website but in a different size, can this be done?
Usually that’s ok, but it depends on the size and the medium. Sometimes the original picture may need to be cropped. Please contact us to find out specifics.

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