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Hanging Your Art

Indoor and outdoor artwork will add a focal point to your space and create a point of visual interest. Below are a few ideas and suggestions for hanging or displaying your piece of Sarah C Artwork.

In general, artwork should be hung so that the center point of the picture or grouping of pictures, is at about eye level for the average person. Remember that Sarah C can "mock-up" a piece to fit into your space. Simply send us a photo of your wall and a few measurements.

Relate the size of the art to the wall size. Choose smaller pictures for narrow walls and larger works for big wall spaces. Relate the size of the Art to the size of the furniture. In general, when hanging art over a piece of furniture it should not be longer than the width of the furniture.

Match or contrast for your room's colour scheme. Choose artwork that underscores the mood or theme of your room's decor. Is the room vibrant, pastel, or neutral? Is your furniture casual, formal, modern, or traditional? These are clues that will help zero in on the type of artwork that compliments the color and scale of a room. Often Sarah C customers will fall in love with a piece then co-ordinate their colour scheme around that palette.

Here a narrow hall wall is accented by hanging a Artblock set in a tall vertical arrangement.

The artwork shown in this photograph relates to the size of the bed below it, and keeps to a general principle of being about 75% of the bed's width.

The blue of the outdoor cushions really match and complement the artwork. The "rules" that apply for interiors also apply outside. Another alternative would have been to use similar coloured plantings.

For most pieces we suggest using two points of contact, that way the piece will sit evenly and there will be less tilting of the picture and also if one hook fails the other will hold it. Like all artworks, Sarah C artworks will fade eventually, so we suggest a shadey spot for longevity of your piece. Direct sunlight and heat will fade the piece more quickly.

All Sarah C Art Blocks come with a small hole drilled part of the way into the back of them. This is great to hang from a small nail or tack on your wall or they will stand on a flat surface too. Art Blocks are designed to be hung inside. Art Blocks can be hung in groups or seperately.

These two Sarah C Canvas pictures really compliment the colours and tones of the other furnishings and wall colour, creating a warm welcoming space. Displayed is "Carving" from the Canvas - Picture Art range and "Be Brave" from the Motivate and Inspire range.

Again we suggest a shady spot for Outdoor Art pieces. Here a few ideas for positioning your outdoor piece.

Icons of New Zealand on Corrugated Iron looks great hung here in Jo and Justin's Pukekohoe Garden. This one has a surround frame and is 1200 x 840mm, also available unframed $790. A gloss version is 1200 x 840mm and is $395 unframed. We advise that if you want to hang an Iron piece on trellis you get a Surround Framed one. This way it "breaks-up" the textures of the two surfaces and defines the artwork.

Nikaus at Colville is above set between two posts, the modern Corrugated Iron contrasts really ncely with the rustic-ness of the posts. Similarly Birds of Tane on Gloss Panel is set beteen two posts which are Clean shaven andthen painted. Seaside Flax looks great hung on this fence.

Mural Panels come as flat panels and a couple of screws through the panel will attached it to your fence or retaining wall.

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