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About Sarah C Design

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Sarah C Design Ltd is a Mangawhai art and design company based in Mangawhai Heads.

Sarah C Design began in July 2006 as a Graphic Design Studio which ran from small premises in West Auckland.

Sarah C is the Designer and Artist who created Sarah C Design. Sarah C comes from a graphic design background and has a Bachelor of Design and many years experience in the fields of magazine layout, company branding and logo design and print production and print management.

Very soon after establishing Sarah C Design, Sarah also began selling a Limited Edition range of her artworks on Corrugated Iron. These pieces were a Limited Edition of 15 and there was a total of eight designs to choose.

Very soon these early pieces were sold out and it occurred to Sarah that there was a demand for her artwork, especially pieces that could hang outside on a fence or in the garden.

The Limited Edition range has grown since then and the Sarah C brand is now offered all over the world in several different mediums. Some pieces are still created with the intention of hanging outside, but also reproduced onto mediums that are better suited inside. Sarah C Design employs two people full time and others as required on a contract basis.

Sarah C galleryThe business moved from West Auckland to Mangawhai Heads (Sarah's home town) in July 2011. The studio is run from a barn on the property and there is also a small rustic Gallery, which is open by appointment. You can Email or Call us to make an appointment.


All large Sarah C Corrugated Iron Artworks are of a Limited Edition. This means that there will only ever be a set number created. After that no more can be produced. On the back of the panel is the authentic Sarah C signature and the number. The number will be for example, 12/15. This means it is piece number 12 out of 15 created. Sometimes Sarah will sign a piece A/E this stands for Artists Edition or artists proof.

All other pieces in other mediums are Open Edition. This means there is no limit to the amount produced. Sometimes it may be only one or two, others may be more.


These are usually created using acrylic paints on board. Occasionally Sarah will get right in there with varied mediums. Anything from oils sticks, paint, charcoal and even the odd dash of concrete or wallpaper is used to create depth and texture in her artworks. Early Sarah C pieces have been made on hessian canvas and bold brushmarks of thick oil. Original Sarah C artworks are in the $1000's to buy.

About Sarah C - Artist and Designer

Sarah's Maori ancestry comes from the Coromandel and Ngati Porou descent, however she spent her childhood and teenage years in Mangawhai Heads, Northland. Her mothers people travelled from Newcastle in the early 1900's and settled in Northland. Both the Coromandel and Northland regions have played a large part in the inspiration of her artworks.

"My passion for all things arty goes back to when I was little girl. There was a time I thought the best thing you could get from Santa ever, was a giant colouring book and a set of brand new felt pens. FANATASTIC! Crayons were good too but it the vibrant colour of felts that really did it for me. But you had to treat them nicely and you couldn't waste them... These were precious gems of colour!


I think I always knew I would have a lifelong passion and create a career from something in the arts. For a long time I thought I would be a fashion designer, not just leg warmers for my barbie dolls but really cool, sware' getups that floated down the runway - ahhh the joy of growing up the 80's! Its not often these days that I'm not doing something creative - weather it be with a paintbrush, printmaking or designing. A visual diary is always close at hand and a black roller ball pen.

I have created a lifestyle which enables me to create cheerful uplifting pieces that transport the viewer to another place - somewhere, where life is always good, the sun always shines, cicadas always sing and summer goes on forever". Sarah C - Artist and Designer

Sarah's return to live in Mangawhai Heads along with her partner Colin and their pet dog Belle has marked a change in the Sarah C Design Company and also the style of artworks offered. Together, Sarah, Colin and Belle have transformed a 1970's roadside stall into a small gallery space which customers are welcome to visit.

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