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Totems & Angels

Totem Panels

Totem Panels are long slender panels. They are available in a number of formats.

  • Panel only option; you can drill and screw the panel to a wall or fence.
  • Staked panels designed to free stand in a garden (an metal warratah is provided). Staked panels free stand in the garden and are cable tied.
  • Ready to hang; we provide one of our hanging plates.

Totem Panels are waterproof and look fabulous arranged in groups or individually to add interest and colour to any outdoor space. They can also be hung inside.

Printed Totem Panels are open edition and are made using Sarah’s existing artworks. They are usually available only in one size, but any of the above formats.

Abstract Totem Panels are original abstract artworks are only available in the format stated. They are suitable for display outside. They are hand painted and no two designs are ever the same. These unique artworks are available in various sizes. Sometimes Abstract Totems are shaped into a wavey form which adds to their kinetic quality.

Garden Angels

Garden Angels are quirky figures sent to assist you while you work in the garden.  However there’s just one problem… their hands are in their pockets so they don’t physically help you at all!!! Instead they chat and give advice and argue and encourage and bless and remind you of memories. Garden Angels represent our self talk. They remind us of our dreams, our aspirations, our plans and our fears, our loved ones that have passed and our hopes and guidance for those with us now. Garden Angels are the visual of all the thoughts we have while we do chores like weeding, harvesting, planting, and ground prep. They are the fun thoughts, the sad thoughts, the thoughts we keep to ourselves and the thoughts we share with others.

Garden Angels are available on Artblocks, Canvas for indoor display or Clear Cut Gloss Panel for indoor or outdoor display. Choose from Panel Only, Staked or Backframed.

Canvas and Artblock versions have a black background. Clear Cut Gloss Panels are cut to shape.


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