Below is a list of first grade canvas artworks we have in stock available for sending within New Zealand in time for Christmas, as at 12 December 2019. Please email or order these pieces via the website. Please note we can take orders for other designs and sizes up to Friday 13 December for Christmas Pick Up from the Sarah C Gallery, in Mangawhjai Heads or at a drop off point in Auckland.

Size: 30 x 10”
Price: $170 each + $17 Freight
Tui in Kowhai – Portrait
Tui in Flax – Portrait
Flax and Tui – Horizontal
Bach VW and Caravan
The Boat Sheds
Boat Shed and Jetties
Beach Words
Fantail Flight
Kereru and Beach

Size: 48 x 24”
Price: $345 each + $17 Freight
Winter Hues
Bohemian Tui
Bohemian Rosella

Size: 36 x 24”
Price: $295 each + $17 Freight
Kombi Van and Nikau
Surfer Silhouette
Cabbage Tree Paua and Flax
Tui and Fantail
Nikau Tui and Paua
Pohutukawa Paua and Fantail

Size: 36 x 24”
Price: $295 each + $17 Freight
Tui and Beach
Flax and Tui – Horizontal
Boat Shed and Jetties
Tropical Coast